Tokyo Falcons is a not-for-profit club of cricket lovers without boundaries coming together to promote the spirit of cricket and therefore the sport itself in Japan. The idea was conceived most importantly when we realized that the passion we share for cricket should not be limited just to cricket match screenings with friends as and when time permits rather help cricket lovers have a community and pursue the game with fun as well as commitment.


Our Cricket Club offers something for every age group and hence depending upon the membership you opt for, the club focuses on leisure and professional level championships/series like JCA Leagues, Japan Cup and others across the year in Japan.


2018 Update – The unbeaten Tokyo Falcons are the winners of JCA League 2, we reached the semifinals for JCA League 3 and also we participated in Japan Cup! Our Junior team came as winners in Cricket Blast, a most noteworthy addition was the inaugural game from our all girls team in Cricket Blast !




Key Performances – 2017
  • Most Valueable Player for KCL 2017
  • Chased 260 against Pakistan Stars @Sanno 
  • Hattrick in first 3 balls of a match

2017 – Fantastic Year

This was the year Tokyo Falcons participated Japan Cup for the first time from East Kanto League. We reached the finals in our first year of participation.  It was a feat well noted by JCA.

This was the year we participated KCL for the first time and we reached the semi finals. This outing shown the metel we have for the longer format of the game.


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2018 – The Year Ahead – Click for Stats



Japan Cricket League Division 2

TFCC, 1st XI will participate in JCL Div 2, organized by JCA



Japan Cricket League Division 3

TFCC, 2nd XI will participate in JCL Div 3, organized by JCA


Japan Cup – East kanto

Tokyo Falcons, T20 XI will participate in Japan Cup from east kanto, organized by JCA