Tokyo Falcons

The Cricket Club


Tokyo Falcons is a not for profit club of cricket lovers without boundaries coming together to promote the spirit of cricket and the sport itself in Japan. The idea was conceived when we realized that the passion we share for cricket should not be limited just to cricket match screening with friends as and when time permits but help cricket lovers have a community and pursue the game with fun as well as commitment.

The club offers something for every age group and depending upon the membership you opt for, the club focuses on leisure and professional level championship/series like JCA, KCL and others across the year.

The club organizes T8 Japan Cup which is Tape Ball Tournament every year in Q4 and also collaborate with other teams to organize multiple series of Season Ball mini tournament like Fuji 4 and Sano 4.



Falcons Kids

The Juniors Cricket

Objective of this group is to build and harness the future aspirants for the games
The Kids registered in this group needs to be in the age group of 7 years till 14 years
Parents/Guardian need to be supportive of the kids’ growth in pursuing cricket as either a profession or a serious hobby

To provide an environment for participation, learning and success that is underpinned by the Tokyo Falcons Cricket Club values and strong leadership. To foster youth, sportsmanship, excellence and professionalism on the field and in the community.

Tokyo Falcons Cricket Club will lead through the example of our committee, coaches and captains to ensure that we live our values with loyalty, pride and fun.

Coaches, officials and parents, by example of behaviour, hold an enormous influence over the kids of the community. The good conduct of all adult participants and teams is considered mandatory for the privilege of participation. The club seeks to implant in the kids of the community, ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage, so that they may be finer, stronger and happier youths who will grow to be good healthy adults. This objective will be pursued by providing fully supervised cricket matches upon the basis that the attainment of exceptional skill or the winning of matches is secondary in the molding of future citizens.


“the future aspirants for the games”

Tennis Ball Cricket

Cricket with lots of FUN


This Group will be focused on playing cricket with Tennis Ball, this is aimed to address members who can not devote much time to Cricket but can pursue cricket as a hobby and for FUN
Expected playing time for the games will be early mornings, so that the games can be finished maximum by 11:00 AM to present enough time for family engagements
We also book baseball stadium for night games with taped Tennis Balls
This will not take separate registration as any member who is part of the club will be a default member of this group