T8 Japan Cup 2016

The Cricket tournament

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T8 Japan Cup is a initiative of Tokto Falcons Cricket Club. The core ideology of organizing these tournaments is to promote cricket in Japan. This is first season of T8 Japan Cup. With first season, T8 Japan Cup will have 12 team participating. T8 has attractive awards and prizes for multiple category.

TEams registered

  1. Indian Warrior
  2. Myoden Cricket Club
  3. Matsudo Titans

  4. Kaavakarai Vaalibar CC

  5. Tokyo Bulls Cricket Club
  6. Tokyo Titans XI
  7. Khan Cricket Club
  8. Hexaware Kings XI
  9. Eleven Strikers
  10. Ojima Indians
  11. Rangeeley Sher
  12. We11



Edogawa Ground 1,2

Pin:  https://goo.gl/maps/J51oLNujKrP2 


〒133-0052 東京都江戸川区東小岩2丁目先


7/11 Edogawa Ground 1,2

Pin:  https://goo.gl/maps/q9yg9S5RF2v


〒133-0061 Tokyo, Edogawa, 篠崎町1-37-21